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Three card poker: a short guide

It’s hard to find people who have never heard about poker. This type of casino game is highly popular! However, even experienced players are confused when it comes to the new game variation. The guide below will help to master such a variation asthree card poker.

Basic rules

To begin with, this type of poker implies using two types of a bet: ante wager and/or pair plus wager. It is usually played against the dealer.

The game process is simple. Three cards are dealt face down. The gamer should assess the combination and decide whether to pit the hand against the dealer’s hand or not. If the player folds, the dealer receives ante wager and pair plus wager. If the gamer decides to continue playing, he or she should place a play wager. Then the cards are turned over. If the dealer’s hand is superior, the wagers come to him. If the dealer’s hand is worse than the gamer’s one, the wagers are returned to the gamer. Some combinations imply 1:1 compensation.

Some well-known three card poker variations can be used in casinos. Some games are played with Prime wager that depends on the card color. If three cards have the proper color, it is available to get the 3 to 1 payoff. Another variation is a six-card bonus that is based on the traditional 5-card poker combinations. If gamer’s and dealer’s cards develop such a combination, they can get a profitable payout.

Interesting facts

  • The game was created in 1994 and patented in 1997. Compared with other games, it is pretty new!
  • The hands’ value in traditional poker and three card poker are different. For example, straight beats a flush in 3 card poker, while a flush beats a straight in traditional poker.
  • Some gamers prefer playing blind (without looking at the cards).
  • One of the reasons for game popularity is simplicity. Therefore even the newcomers could master it quickly.
  • Three card poker, as well as other table games, is characterized by high chances to win.