Play Free Caribbean Stud Poker Online

Playing Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the poker variations that implies playing against house rather than other players. The game is based on classic poker card combinations but has some unique features also. The information below will help to figure out what is what and master this game very quickly.

Game history

 The origin of the game is still unclear. According to some reputable information resources, Caribbean Stud Poker was created by casinos owners to involve visitors in table game playing. The founder of this poker type is a famous player, Davis Sklansky. He created the main rules in 1982 but couldn’t patent his invention. It was made a few years later when The King International Casino bought Caribbean Stud Poker in Aruba. The rules have changed slightly since this period, but the main principles remain the same.

Game principles

The feature that differentiates Caribbean Stud Poker from other variations is a progressive jackpot. The gamers can make a progressive side bet with a traditional ante. The bets are made before each round. All the stakes must be placed before the dealer announces “no more bets”.

Then cards are dealt among gamers face down. Each gamer receives a 5-card combination. All combinations are hidden instead of the dealer’s one. The dealer shows one card from the hand. 

The prominent gamer’s goal is to examine the cards and choose one of the options: fold or raise. Those who decide to continue playing should double the stake. Those who decide to fold forfeits an ante and progressive bet. When the stakes are made, the dealer shows the other four cards.

If the dealer’s hand beats the player’s one, the gamer forfeits ante and raises. Otherwise, the gamer gets a win while the dealer loses. 

The progressive bet depends on the hands’ value. Final payouts are based on a particular pay table that may vary in different casinos.

To conclude, the game maintains the basic poker logic but breathes a new life into it. It is the perfect choice for those who are fond of traditional table games but also looking for a new experience.